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Pan, in Greek mythology, a fertility deity, more or less bestial in form. He was associated by the Romans with Faunus. Originally an Arcadian deity, his name is a Doric contraction of paon (pasturer) but was commonly supposed in antiquity to be connected with pan (all). His father was usuall Pan the God of the Wild. Pan is considered to be one of the oldest of Greek gods. He is associated with nature, wooded areas and pasturelands, from which his name is derived. The worship of Pan began in rustic areas far from the populated city centers, and therefore, he did not have large temples built to worship him Pan's Shout. For most of the time, the great god was both an amusing and amiable presence - but he loved his naps even more than he loved his nymphs; which explains why the Ancient Greeks believed it was fairly dangerous to disturb them. Once upset, Pan was known to be able to let out an angry, blood-curdling shout which inspired a sudden sensation of fear and anxiety in everyone. Pan (Oudgrieks: Πᾶν) of Faunus is een figuur uit de Griekse mythologie.Hij is een zoon van Hermes en de nimf Penelope. Pan is de god van het woud en patroon van de herders en hun kudden. Verder is hij de god van het vee en het dierlijk instinct.. Pan heeft het onderlijf en de hoorns van een geit, maar een menselijk bovenlijf.Verder heeft hij een lang smal gezicht, een grote neus en gele.

In Greek religion and mythology, Pan (Ancient Greek: Πᾶν, Pān) is the god of the wild, shepherds and flocks, nature, of mountain wilds, hunting and rustic music, and companion of the nymphs. His name originates within the Ancient Greek language, from the word paein (πάειν), meaning to pasture. He has the hindquarters, legs, and horns of a goat, in the same manner as a faun or satyr. Today we take a look at one of the lesser Deities and one of my favourites, Pan the God of the wild. If you enjoy mythology and folklore and want to learn more. Please consider subscribing to the. Pan was the Ancient Greek god of pastures, flocks, the mountain wilds and rustic music.In Rome, he was called Faunus.Had the body of a satyr (legs of a goat and body of a human). He was also known to produce an earsplitting sound called a panic that caused extreme pain to any who heard it, this sound is actually the origin of the English word panic The bounteous Pan, the god of rural scenery, shepherdi, and huntsmen, as the poet Milton calls him, is the Greek god of woods and fields. Originally a pastoral god from Arcadia and depicted as a wild deity with the horns and hooves of a goat, Pan was believed to dwell in the mountains and forests of ancient Greece

Pan (Greek Πάν, genitive Πανός) is the Greek god of nature who watches over shepherds and their flocks. He is most commonly depicted as having the hindquarters, legs, and horns of a goat, with the upper body and hands of a human male, resembling a faun.He often holds either a shepherd's crook, used for hunting small game, or else a syrinx, a flute-like instrument also known as the panpipe The Great God Pan invocations, mythology and correspondences. Pan is the spirit of wild, irrepressible life essence. He is a Great God of tremendous power, the Lord of fertility, wild nature, ecstatic music, wild goats, shepherds, flocks and hunters

The name Pan is also a Greek prefix meaning all and, at one time, Pan may have been a much more powerful, all-encompassing figure. Less familiar stories give him powers as a sea-god with the epithet Haliplanktos; He's also considered a healer of epidemics through cures revealed in dreams, and an oracle-god Pan: The God of All February 19, 2013 Jason Mankey Patheos Explore the world's faith through different perspectives on religion and spirituality! Patheos has the views of the prevalent religions. Pan (Ancient Greek: Πάν), was the son of Hermes and one of three women: the nymph Dryope, the goddess Hecate, and the heroine Penelopeia .He was the rustic god of wildlife, shepherds and flocks, nature of mountain wilds and rustic music. He is mostly human in appearance but with goat horns and goat feet ().He is an excellent musician and plays the pipes, also being merry and playful.

Pan was the ancient Greek god of shepherds and hunters, and of the meadows and forests of the mountain wilds. His unseen presence aroused panic in those who traversed his realm. Pan idled in the rugged countryside of Arcadia, playing his panpipes and chasing Nymphs. Pan was depicted as a man with the horns, legs and tail of a goat, a thick beard, snub nose and pointed ears Pan—or Faunus in Roman mythology—is the noisy goat-footed god of the Greeks. He looks after shepherds and woods, is a capable musician, and invented the instrument named after him—panpipes. He leads the nymphs in dances and stirs up panic

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  1. Pan potrebbe essere moltiplicato in uno sciame di pentole, e anche dare nomi individuali, come in Nonno ' Dionisiache, dove il dio Pan ha avuto dodici figli che hanno contribuito a Dioniso nella sua guerra contro gli indiani.I loro nomi erano Kelaineus, Argennon, Aigikoros, Eugeneios, Omester, daphoenus, Phobos, Philamnos, Xanthos, Glauco, Argos, e Phorbas
  2. Pan (Πάν) is the Greek God of Nature, forests, woodlands, fields, groves, the wild, the mountain wilds, animals, rustic music, fertility, sexual plunge, shepherds and flocks. Pan is the son of Hermes and Dryope the nymph
  3. Pan was the most famous of the Satyrs and a son of Greek god Hermes, the messenger of the gods and the Nymph Penelope(or Dryope). Appearance of Pan Pan was an ugly satyr with a long beard, sharp ears, goat legs and horns

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Pan De god Pan en de panfluit. De panfluit (ook wel herdersluit genoemd) is naar deze god genoemd en ontstond volgens de mythologie als volgt. Pan had een oogje op de nimf Syrinx maar hij had pech: Syrinx wilde maagd blijven. Terwijl Pan haar achterna zat bad de nimf tot de goden om verlost te worden van haar achtervolger Caesarea Philippi (Banias)—From the god Pan to the God-Man Refreshing hope from the Son of God and the sons of Korah 30 Comments Share Tweet Buffer Print Email. I n a land where water is life, it's no wonder one of the major sources of water would become a primary place of worship. Regrettably, the god worshipped at Banias was not the God.

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PAN, OSIRIS AND JUPITER. Like the Greek Pan, the God Osiris in Ancient Egypt was considered a God of just about all things. Osiris was the God of the Afterlife, King of Heaven and Hell, the King of Eternity, King of the Living, Master of Souls; He who appears as ram in Mendes, and the Sovereign of Amenti Pan God. 18 likes. Assemblies of God. Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page Pan (disambiguation) Pan (Πάν, genitive Πανός), in Greek religion and mythology, is the god of shepherds and flocks, of mountain wilds, hunting and rustic music, as well as the companion of the nymphs.His name originates within the Greek language, from the word paein (Πάειν), meaning to pasture. He has the hindquarters, legs, and horns of a goat, in the same manner as a faun or. Pan is one of the oldest gods in Greek mythology. For the Ancient Greeks, Pan was a theoi nomioi - a rustic god of the countryside, the pastures and wild forests, who lived in the mountains and forests of Arcadia, Greece. Like many Greek gods and goddesses, Pan's origin story is a little convoluted Pan has been referred to as many things ranging from the god of the wild to the god of pastures or the god of shepherds and flocks. Of all the various names that Pan has received, the most notable or prevalent name in all writings is the God of the Wild. Facts about Pan, Greek God of the Wil

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  1. Pan was the Ancient Greek god of pastures, flocks, the mountain wilds and rustic music.In Rome, he was called Faunus.Had the body of a satyr (legs of a goat and body of a human). He was also known to produce an earsplitting sound called a panic that caused extreme pain to any who heard it, this sound is actually the origin of the English word panic.. He was the lord of the wild and as such.
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  3. Written by GreekBoston.com in Greek Mythology Comments Off on All About Pan in Greek Mythology. The Greek mythological god Pan, was a half human, half goat god that lived in nature. He was rustic god, commonly worshiped in Arcadia. He was often associated with forests, fields, and pastures
  4. Pan had many attributes as a god. He was the god of goats, and sheep, and their shepherds. He was the god of bee keeping. He was also a god of music, playing upon the reed pipes he made from the transformed body of the nymph Syrinx (the one that got away)
  5. Pan Gu - The God of Creation While there are many Chinese wondrous deities, there's none but one Chinese god portrayed to create the earth but Pan Gu. Also known as P'an Ku or Pangu, he is given the title as the god of creation and the first man
  6. With his mighty antlers, Cernunnos is a protector of the forest and master of the hunt.He is a god of vegetation and trees in his aspect as the Green Man, and a god of lust and fertility when connected with Pan, the Greek satyr.In some traditions, he is seen as a god of death and dying, and takes the time to comfort the dead by singing to them on their way to the spirit world
  7. g out of his forehead. He had the legs of a goat. He had a crooked nose and pointed ears

If we are to understand Pan and the goat, we have to understand that Pan is a god. The boundary between the sacred and the secular was rather more porous in classical antiquity than it is today Greek Mythology is the set of stories about the gods, goddesses, heroes and rituals of Ancient Greeks. Greek Mythology was part of the religion in Ancient Greece. The most popular Greek Mythology figures include Greek Gods like Zeus, Poseidon & Apollo, Greek Goddesses like Aphrodite, Hera & Athena and Titans like Atlas. Get our iOS & Android Apps > Pan is a figure from Greek mythology who was originally a pastoral god from Arcadia. He was believed to dwell in the mountains and forests of Greece and was considered the patron of shepherds, hence one of his attributes is the lagobolon - a hare trap. Not fully human in form, his legs are that of a goat and he has horns sprouting from his head

Pan is the main antagonist of the 1894 novella The Great God Pan by the late Arthur Machen. He is the Great God of the Abyss or Deep and the father of Helen Vaughan. He is the timeless and eternal force of the Universe who presided over the Deep Abyss of consciousness. Dr. Raymond performed a strange experiment he calls seeing the great god Pan while Clarke witnessing. His ultimate goal was. God's Pan. 83.955 Me gusta · 1.650 personas están hablando de esto · 499 personas estuvieron aquí. God's Pan es una Panadería, Confitería, Rotisería y un lugar especial para el almuerzo y eventos.. Pan All, Everything. The great god of flocks and shepherds among the Greeks; his name is probably connected with the verb πάω (paō), Latin pasco (graze, forage), so that his name and character are perfectly in accordance with each other. Later speculations, according to which Pan is the same as τὸ πᾶν (to pan), or the universe, and the god the symbol of the universe, cannot be. Syrinx ran away from the god and was transformed into a clump of marsh reeds, out of which the god made his famous pan-pipes. Pitys was an an Oread nymph who was pursued by Pan. Pitys was changed by the gods into a a mountain fir, the god's sacred tree in order to escape him

Faunus, ancient Italian rural deity whose attributes in Classical Roman times were identified with those of the Greek god Pan. Faunus was originally worshipped throughout the countryside as a bestower of fruitfulness on fields and flocks. He eventually became primarily a woodland deity, the sound Pan is the Greek god of the Wild. Nature nymphs and satyrs were mostly his followers The Myth of Pan, God of Shepherds Pan was not one of the great gods of Mount Olympus. He lived upon the earth, and was the god of the fields and forests and wild mountain sides. Therefore the Greeks thought that he was the protector of herdsmen and hunters, who were obliged to wander far away from the cities and settled parts of the country In ancient Greek religion and mythology, Pan (/ ˈ p æ n /; Ancient Greek: Πάν, romanized: Pán) is the god of the wild, shepherds and flocks, nature of mountain wilds, rustic music and impromptus, and companion of the nymphs.He has the hindquarters, legs, and horns of a goat, in the same manner as a faun or satyr.With his homeland in rustic Arcadia, he is also recognized as the god of. Pan is the god of woods, pastures, and other landscapes. God of wild nature . When Pan was born and the nurse saw the face and the beard of the newborn child, she was afraid and fled. For this reason it has been said that irrational terrors (panic) come from Pan. Pan has a goat's feet and two horns, and wears a lynx-pelt

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The God Pan Worshipped At Banias. The melting snows at the peak of Mount Hermon seep into the ground and appear at its base. From the mouth of a large cave bubbles a cold, clear stream that helps to form the headwaters of the Jordan River. Josephus referred to the streams that flow here as the fountain of the Jordan The Great God Pan is a horror and fable novella through Welsh author Arthur Machen. Machen was inspired to put in writing The Great God Pan by means of his stories on the ruins of a pagan temple in Wales. What would become the primary bankruptcy of the novella became published within the mag The Whirlwind in 1890 Desperately, Syrinx appealed to the river god to rescue her, until finally her prayers were heard and the river god turned Syrinx into a reed. Soon enough, Pan managed to reach Syrinx and spread his arms to fondle and embrace her- but all he found inside his arms was a plain tuft of reeds Find GIFs with the latest and newest hashtags! Search, discover and share your favorite God Pan GIFs. The best GIFs are on GIPHY Pan's Labyrinth, according to it's own producer, Guillermo Del Toro, is based upon a work that was widely denounced by the press as degenerate and horrific because of its decadent style and sexual content. 1 That work is THE GREAT GOD PAN. The very essence of Pan is sexual perversion

As a God with his hooves firmly placed on the ground, Pan was (and still is) worshiped as a potent deity of fertility and earthiness. He was known as Faunus by the faunicating Romans. In time, his carefree lifestyle began to upset the early Christians, who saw his earthy temptations as a manifestation of the Devil Pan is the Greek god protector of shepherds, sheep, and goats. According to an account of his birth, Hermes was his father. Romans confused him with the Roman god Faunus. Pan's name is said to derive from the Greek word paein, which means to pasture Pan was the Greek god of wild places, shepherds and flocks The ancient Greek God of herding and pastoralism pan seduces the girl who came to fetch water. The Sculpture. `Well Of Temptation.` Paradise Park, Partenit Statue of Pan Pan, zeu din mitologia greacă veche, era fiul lui Hermes și al Dryopei, socotit drept protector al turmelor și al păstorilor. Își avea reședința în Arcadia și era considerat drept inventatorul unui instrument de suflat numit syrinx (naiul modern). Pan avea o înfățișare ciudată, fiind jumătate om și jumătate animal; avea coarne, barbă și copite de țap, iar trupul îi era.

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Pan mythology card.jpg 206 × 379; 40 KB Pan Pictorial Puzzle.jpg 697 × 1,133; 121 KB Pan pursues Syrinx, she is metamorphsed into a reed.jpg 1,927 × 2,650; 5.51 M After all, Peter Pan was named after the greek god of sexual deviance, rape, and torture. We'll get to that in just a moment. What you might not be aware of though is just how dark the origin of the story truly is. You might want to rethink exposing any young impressionable mind to its rebellious influence

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  1. PAN: Allusions the god of the wild, shepherds and flocks, nature, mountain wilds, and hunting and rustic music. Known for playing his flute, and his connection to sexuality. Spring, fields, groves. Theatical criticism. Born in Arcadia. Parenthood debated. Zues? Hermes? Dionysus
  2. Pan Griekse god van de natuur Pan - Παν. Volgens de Griekse mythologie was Pan de god van de bossen, velden, heuvels, vee en de wilde natuur. Hij is een zoon van Hermes en de nimf Penelope. Pan wordt afgebeeld als een man met de poten en hoorns van een bok en zijn bovenlijf is menselijk. Pan kon mensen bang maken met zijn mysterieuze geluiden
  3. Pan made a flute out of the river reeds to make a musical instrument which later came to know as The Pan Flute. Pan's image is often depicted with this instrument. The musical instrument flute had a great role to play in both the character Pan and in the Greek god Pan's life
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Pan lived in the lesser mountains around Olympus, although he was a patron god of Arcadia. He spent much of his time using his powers to protect the animals of the forest and pursuing lesser faerie-like divinities (called nymphs) for sexual favors Pan, the Greek god of forests, shepherds and fertility, has long represented the pagan gods in general. With the advent of the Christian church communication with the pagan gods was very heavily suppressed by priests who have a vested interest in eliminating religious competition, by any means required, including, but not limited to lying, stealing, cheating, murder, mayhem, extortion, torture. The Nature of Pan. After this encounter I began prayerfully seeking information and revelation from the Lord on this creature. I found that he was a mythology Greek creature. Many creatures, or demonic spirits, that have been called mythological gods are not mythology at all. They are real in the kingdom of darkness Pan (Grieks: Πάν) was in die Griekse mitologie die metgesel van die nimfe en die god van die herders, kuddes en volksmusiek - en hy is daarom ook verbind met vrugbaarheid en die lente. Hy het die agterlyf, bene en horings van 'n bok gehad en sy tuisland was die landelike Arkadië.. Sy eweknie in die Romeinse mitologie was Faunus, 'n natuurgees

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Pan Categorie: Grieks - Romeins Pan, Griekse god van het bos en de herders, zoon van Hermes en een nimf, beschermer van kudden en jagers, was vooral in Arcadië populair. Hij zou uit Kreta afkomstig zijn. Hij wordt voorgesteld als Sater met horens en bokspoten of als een bok Origine. Pan serait l'un des rares noms divins attribuables à la période commune des Indo-Européens.Avant de devenir le « dieu des Pâtres », Pan est un dieu-lune, dont la spécialisation ultérieure serait peut-être due à ses cornes, qui sont initialement un croissant de lune [2].Le dieu Lune est également lié au pastoralisme par la pratique du pâturage nocturne [3] In ancient Greek religion and mythology, Pan (Πάν) is the god of the wild, shepherds and flocks, nature of mountain wilds, rustic music and impromptus, and companion of the nymphs. He has the hindquarters, legs, and horns of a goat, in the same manner as a faun or satyr.With his homeland in rustic Arcadia, he is also recognized as the god of fields, groves, wooded glens and often affiliated. Pan Wax Seal Charm, reed pipe, part man part goat, god of creativity, music, poetry, sensuality, wax seal jewelry, pan necklace gildedlilycharms From shop gildedlilycharm

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  1. Pan (Dieu) - Pan (god) Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. La poêle; Dieu de la nature, la nature, les bergers, les troupeaux, des terres sauvages de montagne, et est souvent associée à la sexualité . Pan enseigner à ses éromène, le.
  2. The God Pan is doing his work, creating mayhem and forcing us into contact with a wildness we won't forget. James Hillman's Pan and the Nightmare is a title for our time. Pan is half goat and half man, a frenzy of wild nature and sexual energy, an unstable balance of disorder on the border of harmony
  3. Some Christians view Pan as Satan. In Roman mythology, Pan is referred to as Faunus. There are three different origin stories which explain the birth of Pan. In the first, Pan is the son of Zeus and Hybris. The remaining two stories state that Pan is the son of Hermes and a nymph, Penelope

inicio; especialidades; promos; canastas; locales; menu; contacto; c T-fal C5610264 Titanium Advanced Nonstick Thermo-Spot Heat Indicator Dishwasher Safe Cookware Fry Pan, 8-Inch, Black - 2100103844 4.6 out of 5 stars 792 $14.99 $ 14 . 99 $19.99 $19.9 Pan Gu thought this was wonderful, but what if the Heavens should fall or the Earth rise? The resulting Scrambled Cosmos was more than he could bear, so he resolved to stand between and hold the two apart like a Chinese Atlas. Now Pan Gu was a growing lad, becoming taller with each passing year. At the rate of about three meters per day, after.

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 The mother of Pan was Penelope a nymph. His father was Hermes the messenger god. The brothers of Pan were Hermaphroditos, Euandros, Daphnis, Kaikos, Saon , Agreus, Keryx ,Kydon, Bounos , Ekhion.. Pan is the most well known Greek Horned God who has the body of a man and the head of a goat. Pan, the bearded goat foot God leads a procession of dancing of satyrs and nymphs while he plays the pipes that bear his name. His worship was so hated by the church that his image was used to describe the Devil and they called him the Lord of all Evil

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While Pan was the Pagan god of shepherds, Jesus is the True Good Shepherd who lays down His life for His flock. John 10:1-14 . While Pan was considered the god of fertility by the pagans, Jesus is truly the Author of Life, Acts 3:15 , and He gives everlasting life to those who follow Him The pan-flute, also known as the panpipes and syrinx, is the main Pan symbol while goats also represent the god of shepherds. Not surprisingly, goats are his sacred animals while water-reeds and Corsican pines are his sacred plants. Hope you liked my post about Greek god symbols, sacred animals and plants. Share the content if you did. Many. My first ever Shamanic encounter in the spirit world was with a Trickster. Tricksters, like any archetype in life, are powerful spirit guides and facilitators of conscious expansion.. In my case, the Trickster I encountered was the ancient goat-man God, Pan.Guiding my vision, Pan's face changed drastically every few moments to happy-angry-sad-gleeful-suspicious-thoughtful-wizened-neutral. The Good-Time God: Pan The Fairy Tale World: Giants, Ogres, and Monsters Half-goat, half-god, Pan—sometimes called Aegipan (although some storytellers insist these two were distinct characters)—was a god of shepherds, forests, wildlife, and fertility

#pan #faunus #pan god #faunus god #greek god #roman god #theoi #sdva #pan* #faunus* #pan devotee #faunus devotee #pan devotion #faunus devotion 2,041 notes justawisegir Pan - God of Nature. Pan is a God of the wild, shepherds and flocks, hunting and music, and companion of the nymphs. He has the hindquarters, legs, and horns of a goat Directed by Joe Wright. With Levi Miller, Hugh Jackman, Garrett Hedlund, Rooney Mara. Twelve-year-old orphan Peter is spirited away to the magical world of Neverland, where he finds both fun and danger, and ultimately discovers his destiny -- to become the hero who will be for ever known as Peter Pan The name Pan is a boy's name of Greek, Hindi origin meaning all or shepherd.. Pan is the Greek god with the legs of a goat and the body of a pipes-playing man known for his mischievousness. Pan is also the god of shepherds, pastures, and fertility

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Pan or Silenus 1650-1675 18th Century. Portuguese Azulejo - Blue wall Tiles, Portugal ( Greek mythology, Pan is the god of the wild, shepherds and flocks, nature of mountain wilds, rustic music and impromptus, and companion of the nymphs. ) ( Silenus a companion and tutor to the wine god Dionysus. Der große Pan ist tot! Pan und das arkadische Personal (Ausstellungskatalog) = Benrather Schriften - Bibliothek zur Schlossarchitektur des 18. Jahrhunderts und zur Europäischen Gartenkunst 4. Wernersche Verlagsgesellschaft, Worms 2007. ISBN 978-3-88462-254-4; Leo Vinci: Pan, Great God of Nature. London 1993, ISBN 0-9505001-8-6

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Define pan. pan synonyms, pan pronunciation, pan translation, English dictionary definition of pan. all Examples of words with the root pan-: panacea n. Greek Mythology The god of woods, fields, and flocks, having a human torso and head with a goat's legs,... Pan - definition of pan by The Free Dictionary Apr 25, 2019 - Primarily Pan [My Patron Deity] and Other Horned spirits. See more ideas about Satyr, Faun, Deities Pan looked after shepherds, goats, and flocks of sheep. According to legend, Pan is the son of Hermes and a nymph, and he was particularly beloved of Dionysus. In his role as god of the fields and woods, he took special care to watch over the olive trees and the grapevines, and he was also a beekeeper

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Pan, also known as Nomios, is a character in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow. His name and appearance are inspired from the Greek god, Pan, who had goat legs and horns and a human head. Pan helps Gabriel in his quest. He is the guardian of the Lake of Oblivion, where the living can communicate with the dead. Pan is also known as the Silver Warrior. Serving the role of an Old God, Pan guides. Pan, the Greek god of shepherds and nature in Greek mythology, was a great musician who is known for his invention of the syrinx, or Greek pan flute. The sound of his pipes was so sweet that he grew proud, and believing himself greater than the chief musician of the gods, Apollo, the sun-god, he challenged Apollo to a musical duel

Garden Statue of a Satyr from the House of the Centenary iPluto, Roman God of the Underworld | Pluto's fork was

Kronos (Ancient Greek: Κρόνoς, Kronos), also spelled Cronus, was the king of the Titans, and father of the first generation of the Olympian gods; Hestia, Demeter, Hera, Hades, Poseidon, and Zeus. He is the Titan lord of the universe; his rule was known as the Golden Age. He is the Titan god of Time, Harvest, Fate, Justice and Evil. His Roman name is Saturn. Gaea and Ouranos had three. Pan Greek Mythology God Pan Conclusion and My work cited A Myth Of Pan and Apollo In Greek Mythology Pan is one of the only gods who actually dies.This is what I learned about Pan.Pan is a really good god to study and research.I hope you enjoyed my presentation. D'Aulaire, Ingri Title: Greek God of Sexual Lust and Orgies Is Depicted Prominently Twice In Original 1611 KJV Bible Resources to aid your Understanding Subtitle: Since some components of these particular images of Satan have been taken from the Greek God, Pan, we have the second instance where an image of Satan was depicted in the original 1611 KJV Bible This is the way,' laughed the great god Pan, Laughed while he sate by the river,) The only way, since gods began . To make sweet music, they could succeed.' Then, dropping his mouth to a hole in the reed, A Musical Instrument By Elizabeth Barrett Brownin Free kindle book and epub digitized and proofread by Project Gutenberg

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